Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So let’s back up a little.

Because I didn’t blog when my darling baby turned 2. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you have kids. How fast it feels.

So this year for the theme, we (which means I) chose ladybugs. Why? I haven’t used that theme yet. And with my crew, I’ve used a lot! I’ve had 2 repeat themes too (the pirate theme).  Also the reason I chose this theme…a little boutique I shopped in was closing and they had a pettiskirt on sale for $10 and they're normally $50! It was red and black…a super easy decision that was made almost a year before the party!

So here’s a little more on the ladybug birthday theme.



(it looks completely blown in this upload. It’s not. It’s actually much cuter in person!!)

Here’s the invite. (The bottom right had all the details…address, phone number etc.)

ladybug2 for blog

Here’s her cake. I wasn’t that impressed this time with the Hy-Vee cake. It was cute but…


The candy tray and the plates. I ordered those plates specifically because they had 2 ladybugs on them!

20141116_152113  20141116_152126 20141116_155634


And I didn’t take too many other photos. It was a simple party with just a few friends and a few family members. And it was wonderful!

She’s 2.

And she’s fast. she's a tad bit naughty. she giggles. she eats everything. she talks a lot. she can be mean. she loves her older siblings. she is our darling little Lovey. And we couldn't love her more.

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