Wednesday, December 17, 2014


with my crew is a lot of things.

Boring is not one of them.

So for this school year we have (or had) football, volleyball, cheer, dance, gymnastics, art class, tae kwon do and basketball. Some of those are for one kid. Others are for multiple kids.

Coop is in Tae Kwon Do. It is so cute!!! And he’s learning some great discipline!

20141201_171131 20140930_182314

Stormy has been in rec. gymnastics for a year now. She still loves it and has improved a lot. I’m thinking of trying a couple more things for her. We are hoping we can find her thing. If her thing ends up being that she’s just a good kid, then I’m cool with that! Stormy also sings in the 5th grade music group, the Treblemakers. Oh yeah—she’s getting ready to start volleyball in a rec club.


Shayne has been the busiest I think. Volleyball, basketball, cheerleading so far.20141004_11102920140908_16472520141103_16291020141213_112734


Connor did flag football and is starting basketball now. Games don’t start until January! But he loves both. He also tried the art class. It was NOT his thing! HA!


Sage and Stormy did a little cheer clinic. They both loved it!


Sage is also in dance again. She is a pretty dancer! She tried the art class too. Not her thing!


And no. I’m not leaving her out.


She’s been busy too. Just being a normal 2 year old. Which is crazy stuff I tell you!

So there you have in a nutshell what my crew does to stay busy. There’s loads more normal stuff…


Having friends over.

Going to friends.

Going to birthday parties.

Going to the ER.

Ya know…the normal stuff.

And yes. I will tell you about the ER trip in just a bit!

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