Sunday, July 6, 2014

the 4th…a mini post…

Mini post because I have loads more to show. I just wanted to get one quick post in to share a few pics Smile

Did you have a good 4th?

We had a pretty good one. Even though Paul was gone. It happens a lot on holidays with the railroad. We missed him but we still managed a good day. It was a crazy long day. I’m only going to show the pictures from before the partying started! My crew…

First up, my boys.


Cute right?

I’m a little partial to them. I think they are cuter than cute!

Next… my girls.


All 4 of them…so much sass in one picture could be dangerous!

And my crew.


My reasons. Makes my heart smile that huge, goofy, I won the lottery smile even though I’m not talking about money kind of smile. You know?

Thank goodness for the timer on my cell camera.

I managed to be in one picture:


Okay…so there’s what we looked like pre-party. I have more to show…soon!



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