Friday, June 20, 2014

How’s your summer going?

Isn’t it crazy that June is only 10 days away from being done?

How does the summer go so fast?

We’ve been busy…like that’s anything new. HA!

This is a post full so get comfy!

On our 36th birthday, I convinced my sister to do a 5K with me.

Here we are before the race…


As a birthday gift to her, I let her win.

Generous right?


I am more of a walker than runner. Which is all good.

This race (the Color Run) was pretty fun.

My nieces raced with us. They were more my speed than their mother (that was Speedy and whooped us to the finish line).


And my best friend raced too! I am so blessed to have her. She did this race even though she has done it 2 times before just because it was my birthday. AWESOME! She is also a speed demon walker but slowed way down for Pokey Me.


And here’s a selfie when we finished the race and made it back to the car.


What else?

Stormy got a cell phone.


I had to put a disclaimer on my Facebook page about this. In our home, when the kids go to middle school, they get cell phones. Which is 5th grade where we live. If you disagree with this, that’s all good. That’s your right. I’m not asking you to pay the bill for it. I’m not asking you to do anything. I’m just sharing what works for my family.

It just so happens I received the best text from my girl that night.


Made the whole cell phone thing…just awesome.

I found this surprise art image saved on my tablet…


I love those kind of surprises. Actually, my tablet is where Connor and I practiced his spelling throughout the year, using the same doodle art app. I had a bunch of spelling word images saved. That unfortunately, had to be deleted because I had over 1200 images and my apps couldn’t update!

Shayne took this picture when we were driving…scary stuff there.


Father’s Day…

Paul is a great Daddy. He loves his crew a lot. They love him too.


My father-in-law. He’s crazy special to us and me especially. Why?

Because he shows the kids that he loves him in the little things.

And me? He is so much more than just my father-in-law.

He loves me when he doesn’t have to. He shows me that he cares in the little things.

Just calling sometimes to see what all is going on. Just to remind me if I need help, to call him. He’s more than just a “father-in-law” and I love him.


We’ve also been doing school activities. I read that kids can “lose” up to 2 months of education during the summer months. Crazy right?

So…yes. We’ve been doing school stuff.


And fun stuff. We went and saw Malificient. It was a very good movie!! I am not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie. But she did great in this movie.


We’ve been making messes.


And dancing!!!

Sage finished her first year of dance with her recital (which was towards the beginning of June actually).

20140607_171459 20140607_210001

So…there’s a mini-update on what all has been going on around this crazy house we call home.

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