Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pick of the patch…

So I made a summer bucket list. And this item was on the list!


I’ve never taken my kids to a strawberry pickin’ patch. I heard of one not far from us through a friend. So after waiting until one of the last weeks to possibly get any good berries…away we went.

20140603_090549   20140603_090613  20140603_090920   20140603_091549 20140603_091721

And the kids did great. The best picker of them all?


Connor. That kid has farmer in his blood. He loves all things farm related.

20140603_092610  20140603_092756

We left with almost 8 pounds of deliciousness in our possession. And the kids enjoyed this little outing.


We have a few pounds in the freezer waiting for us! We managed to eat at least 2 pounds that afternoon for a fruit with our meal! I also scratched strawberry patch off the summer 2014 list! Wahoo!

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