Thursday, May 29, 2014


Since it’s almost the end of May (in two days actually, which is also my twin’s birthday) I thought I’d back-blog.

So my nephew graduated high school. I am so proud of him. See, I used to watch D when he was little a lot. Any chance I could actually. He has amazed me with what a kind, smart, hard-working man he has become.  So proud of you D! I know you will do great things!


So Sage finished up her soccer season. She scored a few goals (with bribery) during this season. She won’t be returning to the soccer field any time soon though. She hates running. She had no idea there was that much running in soccer. Wrong sport to just want to lolly-gag about right?


Connor also finsihed his first soccer season ever. He scored one goal during this season. HE ROCKED with how hard he played though. I am beyond proud of him!


Sage also started probably one of my favorite sports ever…


It is organzied, disorganized chaos.

And it is a blast to watch!

20140510_130213     20140510_13044720140510_13061020140510_131726

Shayne also started her softball season. This picture is funny.


She didn’t have sliding shorts on because her old ones didn’t fit. We didn’t have time to get a new pair before the game. I told her, “Don’t worry. You probably won’t have to slide.”

See the dirt on her?

She had to slide.

I kind of giggled about it the whole time.

I crazy proud to say, she didn’t hesitate in hitting the dirt when needed.

This girl is also almost done with dance for the season. Her recital is next week. I can’t wait!


And I don’t want to miss this kid:


She bumped up a level in gymnastics. I think Stormy has found her sport!

So now you know a little more of what I’ve been doing.

There’s more. But that’s all I have photos of for the moment!

Until next time Smile

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