Monday, July 21, 2014

7 (the month) x 3 (the number of the child we were up to at that point)= 21=====the day that Connor was born.


Pretty cool right? Or not if you don’t like math. Paul actually thought that would be a cool day for me to be induced with our 3rd baby. Our biggest surprise ever. Our first son.

Here we were, 3 days before he was born. I was huge.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 092

As it turns out, I didn’t need to be induced. I was in labor a few hours before he was born, which turned out to be @ 11:24 AM.Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 111

The first family photo with our crew of 3. Half of what we now have. CRAZY.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 140

I love this one. This was the first time Paul got to hold Connor. My best friend, Katie was in the delivery room for this huge life changing moment for us and she took that picture.


Connor when he was one month old.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 050

A few more random pictures of my boy…that is 9 years old. Crazy I tell ya.

P1020220P4090018P5181151P6101302IMG_3630Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 103Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 104Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 119Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 121

Connor Wyatt,

To say I love you is putting it mildly.

You are crazy special to Momma.

I’m honored to watch you grow into the man you are becoming faster than one can imagine.

I always knew I wanted a little boy.

Thank you for being more than I ever could’ve hoped for.

As big as the moon.

As far as the stars.

And more.



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