Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What does 3 look like?






3 looks pretty cute on my Coop.

He weighs 25lbs now (10%). And I can’t find his other stats under the pile of stuff on my desk.

But a few other things about sweet Coop now.

He almost NEVER takes naps now. He can sing his ABC’s. He loves to play Subway Surfer on my tablet or phone. He is and has been completely potty-trained. He still sleeps in a pull-up at night but hasn’t been wet once when he wakes up. He is a funny little dude. His front right tooth is “dead” thanks to bumping (slamming) his face into a chair and then bumping that same tooth a few more times in a week’s period. His favorite food is taco bell (I just asked him and that is what he said). His favorite drink is chocolate milk in the mornings. He loves to fake burp really loudly.

He is all boy.

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