Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween of years gone by…

So…yes. We dress up for Halloween. By “we” I mean, all of us. As a family. It’s just an awesome memory I’m hoping to give my darlings.

Here’s a peek back in time…

2005—traditional Halloween theme… (which I would have to scan in a picture but am too lazy to go in the basement and dig out my scrapbooks). Paul was a vampire. I was a witch. Shayne was a black cat. Stormy was a spider (which Sage also wore one year!) and Connor…my sweet little baby at that point cause he was only 3 months old was a bat.

2006—Peter Pan—Another year of scanning although…one of the pictures below has the print up on the mantle… Paul was Captain Hook. I was Wendy. Shayne was Princess Tiger Lily. Stormy was Tinkerbell (soooo cute!) and Connor was Peter Pan.

2007—PiratesFinally…some photos to share! Look how empty my fireplace looks…only 3 babies here…


{Look at the right photo on the mantle…see the Peter Pan crew?}


One more…sweet baby Connor was 2! This was an outfit that my sister got him. I just love it! And yes…Coop has worn it!


2008—Yep. Wizard of Oz theme! Dorothy (me…a very chunky me cause Sage was still very new!) Paul…obviously Tin Man. Shayne was the Good Witch. Stormy was…the other witch (HA!). Connor was a munchkin from the lollipop guild. Sage? How fitting her costume choice was…I made her a tornado.


2009—Heroes. This is on the other “old” blog.


2010: A double theme…Traditional Halloween for 4 of us (Coop was only 11 DAYS old!) Shayne was a vampiress. Stormy was a little devil (she picked this one all on her own!) Sage was a spider. Coop was a skeleton. I was a ghost. The other theme was Batman…Connor was Joker. Paul had to leave to go to work right after this picture…My twinkie took the kids trick-or-treating for me so I could stay home with my brand new baby!

079 (4)

2011: UNDER WATER! Jelly fish. A mermaid. An octopus. A scuba-diver. A shark. And…a fish (me).


2012: I look scary. And not just the clown face! Dang that baby belly was big! A ring-leader. An elephant. A lion tamer. An acrobat. An ice cream cone. A muscle man. And Preggo the scary clown.


This year we also have a theme…


Can’t wait to share those pictures with you!!

I’m off to bed…tomorrow is one of the most fun days of the year!

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