Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?

I do. Here is a family picture from last year:


The theme of course was underwater. Paul and Stormy? Jellyfish. Shayne? Mermaid. Connor? Scuba diver. Coop? a shark. Me? a fish.

The year before that?

We had a double theme (because of Connor). The first was traditional Halloween. Stormy…devil-YES. She picked this one out herself. Shayne? Vampire. Sage—spider. Me? ghost. Coop was a skeleton. Connor and Paul were Batman and Joker. But Batman got called to work Sad smile I was super upset.


We’ve done a few themes. But that was in the past. The future?

As in in Halloween, 2012…

Our theme?

I will show you.

Tomorrow. AFTER Halloween. Because…I have to get my face on.

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