Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012**PHOTO OVERLOAD**

Yes. We carved pumpkins (technically this was on Monday night…but I wanted to include it in this post!).

Paul did most of the work.

Next year, I’m voting for the push in face things.

The kids came up with their own designs.

They had to be modified during the carving process so we could get them done!


Halloween night.

The kids dressed up in our family theme…

An acrobat.


A lion tamer. On her belt is her whip and her little tamed lion.


A muscle man.


An ice cream cone.


And a grumpy little elephant.


What would our theme be without a clown?


We, of course, had a ringleader that somehow escaped having his picture solo.

How about a group photo to show the theme together?


From my family circus to yours…

I hope your Halloween was full of memories.

A couple of memories for me?

My costume was a man’s size L. What man is as short as me and as round? Besides Danny DeVito? It still makes me wonder who sizes these costumes…

The kids ended up dividing up.

Ringleader Paul came home with Elephant Coop (where Preggo the Clown was passing out candy).

Acrobat Shayne, went with one of her friends (and parents).

Lion tamer Stormy went with a whole group of her friends on a hayride through the neighborhood.

Muscleman Connor and Ice Cream Cone Sage went with the neighbors.

The first Halloween they divided up.

But we still had our theme.

And it makes me happy.


  1. Too cool and I think Prego the Clown is beautiful! Great job again this year!!!

  2. Love the circus theme! And I feel ya with the pumpkin carving, we didn't even do it this year....i'm thinking painting the pumpkins would be more fun than carving them:)

  3. Coop didn't look amused with the pumkin guts on him :)