Monday, October 29, 2012

A girl and her hair…

The tales of hair are long {hardy har} and many.

Let’s talk about one of my girls and her hair shall we?

She wants her hair black.


When she is a little older…maybe. But why ruin such pretty hair this young?!?!

She wants purple.


I like purple. I really do. I just…don’t know if it belongs on a girl her age.


I have let her have blue streaks.

With gel. That washes out the same day it’s used.

I’m cool like that right?!?!

I let her have her own feelings of expression with her hair but…I set some limits.

That’s a parent’s job.

I also wouldn’t let her get a tattoo. She has to wait until she is old enough to sign the form consenting to it.

I do let her have the washable tattoos. I can consent to that because…it’s not permanent.

So…now that I’ve veered completely off topic…back to the hair.

I said no the black. I said no to the purple.

I said highlights would be cool.

She agreed.

So of course I took pictures.

Which kid was it?



And how does it look being a home-hair-highlighting event?


Really good.

A dark blond {naturally} with {really} light blonde highlights.

Simple enough for me to agree to. Different enough for her to be cool with it.

Being a Mom is about compromise.

Ask any Mom if this is true.

Or any kid that has slightly different hair.


  1. Great compromise! Love her hair! And I or purple is too much for this age!

  2. Tell her it looks great! Good job momma!!