Sunday, August 12, 2012


Every year…okay so only the past few years…we take the kids to the fair.

It is a trip I do not look forward to.

It’s hot.

It’s stinky.

It’s expensive.

All the reasons I don’t want to go are nothing compared to how happy it makes my kids.

So like most mothers do…I suck it up and just deal with it.

And another thing I do…the safety picture. Before we go all in a place where there is a possibility of becoming separated, I take a group photo with my cell.


DANG! I love this years picture!

Also…it wasn’t a million degrees. We had a brief cool down for 2 days. It felt like heaven compared to the 115 degrees we have been having.


First, the picture and then the walking…

We saw the bunnies (red-eyed bunnies creep me out big time), the turkeys, the chickens, and the pigs (quickly because the smell was atrocious).

No fair visit is complete without some really unhealthy, delicious food right?

See the Texas twister fries?


That is one order folks. We couldn’t eat it all.


I lost that shirt due to grease stains.

It was

(Shayne took those pics! Didn’t she do good?)

Also…Paul ate a funnel cake. I ate cotton candy. Cooper hated it. He loves corn dogs though. Weird little dude.

What else does the fair involve?


Which is why we spring for the wristbands. It allows my kids unlimited rides of their choice. Well..kind of their choice. There are some I WILL NOT let them ride yet. The Zipper. The other spinning one that just makes you throw up thinking about. Oh—that’s just me. Well, that stinks. And the Ferris wheel. I hate that ride. It is terrifying to me. Like shaking in fear just thinking about it. Snakes have that effect on me too.

So how about a few photos to show you the ride fun?


Where was Coop?

Crying his little eyes out that he wasn’t on the ride:


The next ride, we asked the controller if it would be possible for Coop to ride. He explained it was a boring ride and it would cost tickets for both, Coop and an adult.

It was worth it.


I didn’t take too many more pictures of the rides. We met up with some friends and their older kids helped my younger kids with some of the rides. It was super nice.

Before we left, the girls wanted their faces painted.


We also saw the horses, the cows and the goats.

It was a good fair trip.

With minimal heat, maximum smell, maximum spending, and most importantly, maximum happiness!

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