Monday, August 13, 2012

Challenge Week 32

8.5.2012—I went to my oldest sister’s house for the night. I would’ve stayed longer but my kids (Coop and Sage specifically) do not do well away from home! Sage passed out on the short two hour trip home!


8.6.2012—Yep. And I was telling Connor to wait one second for the picture.


8.7.2012—My nephew and Coop.


8.8.2012—I went to Sonic and ordered my usual. I always, ALWAYS say extra ice. It gives me less pop but I do not care. I love the crushed/cubed little ice. Imagine my irritation at this drink I got there. Hope they aren’t changing because I will not drink there anymore. Seriously.


8.9.2012—I was getting ready to change a diaper and couldn’t get any wipes out. Well, of course, silly me…why didn’t I think there would be a truck and a dinosaur in the wipe container!?!? It made me smile.


8.10.2012—This is what we had for lunch the following day…I just marinated them all night long. My mouth is still watering from the goodness!


8.11.2012—I took Stormy,Shayne and her bff, Lexi to have their toenails painted. They didn’t get the spa pedi like me. But they still thought it was pretty cool!



  1. What a week!! Great pics (as usual) and totally made my day!

  2. I love it when I find little toys in odd places like wipes always makes me smile too!!!!