Friday, August 17, 2012

A promise and a story…

I kept a promise to my kids.

I promised I would take them somewhere.


Even though I didn’t want to go…

A promise is a promise.

The games were worth it. At least in their eyes.

20120809_124654 20120809_130609

20120809_130907                        {sorry that one is blurry}

Which made it totally worth it.

Even Coop got to ride one ride.


So they played and used all their tokens. We ate pizza and before we left, they all wanted to go up in the tunnels.

Shayne took Coop up there.


He loved it!

So did the other kids.


Except for one kid.


I hear screaming. And as almost any mother knows when they hear it…it was my child screaming.

I poke my head up the slide and talk to her…

“Sage. It’s okay baby. Just come to Mommy. I’m right here at the slide.”


My nephew Callahan climbed back up and tried to get to her.

That only made her freak more.

So what is a Mom to do?

A six months pregnant Mom wearing denim capris and a mauve colored shirt?

I climbed my big butt up the slide to save my child of course.

I had sweat pouring down my face.

It was hot in that tunnel.

We got down the slide.

She had a death grip on me.

I have no idea what scared her.

It was time to go right after that.

All the kids {all mine and my nephew} said, “THAT WAS THE BEST! THANK YOU!”

My response?

“Any time guys. Let’s go get in A/C in the van. I’m gonna have a heat stroke soon.”

It was nap time when we got home.

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