Saturday, August 18, 2012

The first day of school 2012

I got Shayne up at the crack of dawn…

Okay so not really the crack of dawn, but is sure was early compared to what we have been getting up at.

She ate her donuts (her choice for her first day) and drank her juice.



We fixed her hair.

Posed for a quick picture…


And before I knew it, she was off. Running down the street to get to her bus stop.

My oldest baby…off to middle school.

But not before a bunny jumped out of the way and scared the begeezes out of her. It was funny.

And it kept me from bawling like I wanted to.


Next up were Stormy and Connor.

Connor…of to his first day of first grade.


And my darling Stormy.

Already in 3rd grade.


Looking so grown up.


Here’s looking forward to a GREAT school year for my kids and their teachers.

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  1. Too bad the kids don't get excited about every day of school as much as they do on the first day of school! btw, they are growing up way too fast for me!