Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Challenge week 31

7.29.2012—See Coop’s face? Yeah…he does that a lot now.


7.30.2012—Me at 24 weeks.


7.31.2012—This was the last day for Coop and his pacis. It was sad. And rough. For us both.


8.1.2012—All the kids in a new to us truck. It’s huge. And parked unless we HAVE to take it. BUT I love this picture. It shows exactly how my kids are. Stormy is looking at Connor. Cooper is looking outside. Sage is looking up at the TV (so is Connor) and Shayne…my darling photogenic girl…is looking at me.


8.2.2012—We took all the kids to my Dr.’s appointment so they could hear the baby’s heartbeat. This was in the waiting room. They did pretty good. The baby’s heartbeat was 150BPM. My blood pressure was low. 90/60. AND I’ve ONLY GAINED 4 POUNDS SO FAR. WAHOOOOOO!!!! {Let’s not discuss the fact that I was 20 pounds overweight when we got preggo this time}


8.3.2012— “This is Debbie with a traffic report. There is a traffic jam in a neighborhood involving 3 vehicles. One of the vehicles has training wheels.”


8.4.2012—Sage was “sleeping” on some tubs of clothes. This girl…sigh.


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