Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation…

I got tons of emails from a parent in one of my kids’ classes stating that last week was appreciation week. So the kids named off the teachers they wanted to get gifts for. I had to limit it though because…the list goes on and on of all the great teachers they would have loved to get gifts for.

We narrowed it down to the librarian, the PE teacher and the computer teacher. Of course, along with their regular teachers.

The PE teacher got:


And a note that said, “Thanks for making PE fun and silly!”

Stormy actually chose that gift. The saying was a combined effort between all the kids and myself!

The librarian and the computer teacher both got:


With notes that said, “Thank you for helping to make us smart cookies like you!”

That was mine. The kids said cookies for them both and the saying…yeah…stroke of genius there! HA!

As for the three “regular” teachers…


With notes “Because you are such a “Kool” teacher.”

As for the “regular”…there is nothing regular. They are fantastic teachers that have helped my children come so far in a year. I am beyond thankful for them.

Oh—and the emails I kept getting?

Were wrong.

Teacher appreciation is this week!

It’s okay though.

These teachers should have appreciation every week!

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