Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today was…


It is only the 5th of May and it was almost 90°. That is HOT folks.

Today was also the day of the city wide garage sale.

We really weren’t as busy as we’ve been in the past but it was nice to sell some “stuff.” What didn’t sell is going to be donated.

Wanna know who made out like a bandit?


Stormy. She stuck it out the whole day selling water, Capri Suns,  Coke, Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper. The Laffy Taffy didn’t last long because…umm…the kids kept eating it! The suckers were a big hit also!

She worked her little tail off. I really wish there weren’t people in the world that would steal from a child selling items for .50¢. But there are. I had to really keep my eyes open after catching this happen. Stormy didn’t even realize. Sad. She didn’t let that detour her. She kept on going. I am so proud of her.

Connor was just posing for the picture. He spent a lot of the day inside…the air conditioning—SMART BOY!

Shayne made one appearance. She said it wasn’t fair that Stormy gets the money from the stand.

Yeah…she’s just jealous.

And Stormy is giddy with her $25.

I’m giddy because we managed to make a little money as well. Not too shabby of a day. Despite it being HOT outside.

Did I mention it was hot?


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