Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter afternoon was full of mess and fun!

Sounds like quite a title right?

First let me say that I always try to take a picture of all my kids together. Why?

There aren’t that many pictures of all 5 of the kids in my family. I want my kiddos to have more.

BUT—that doesn’t mean there are great pictures of my 5. Why?

Being the photographer’s kids DOES NOT guarantee anything in a photo-shoot. Just like “normal” kids.

See exhibit A:



And Exhibit B:


And Exhibit C:


Although if I had to pick one of those I would pick…B.

The kids were busy and having fun so that’s what I tried to take a few pictures of. I have to admit…I wasn’t on my A game for picture taking on this particular afternoon. So…there’s my disclaimer to these pictures are not “perfect.”

Aren’t they beautiful?

IMG_2751 IMG_2744 IMG_2910

I managed to get a GREAT picture of Sage. I really like it.

IMG_2874 edit

The egg hunt was a hit!


Shayne, being the best big sister in the world, was trying to show her little sister where to get more eggs.


My nephew Nick, was kind of egg hunting too.


Coop was so happy to just have an egg for each hand.


And then he tried to give them to Sage. Which she didn’t say no to of course.


Sage and Nanny checking out the goods.


I would like to introduce you to my SIL, Carrie and her fiancé's baby. Her name is Ivy.


I like that picture too.

The next one is my BIL, Eric.


I love this one of Paul. It’s those candid shots that make my heart sigh with happiness.


All my girls.


My SIL, Jen and her and Eric’s son, Logan. My SIL, Carrie and her son, Nick.

IMG_2830 IMG_2853

Know what happened to Paul because of this?


His mom has a dog. Coop found the mess in the yard before these pictures…literally. I was gagging when he showed me what he picked up in his hands…and stepped in with his shoes. We thankfully had a pair of sandals in the car. Normally, I wouldn’t put him in socks and sandals but…the other option was really, really smelly.


See his shoes? He loves this toy. It is kind of a heirloom at this point. Donnie, who is graduating high school in May, used to play on this toy.


So you may have noticed, a couple of people missing from the pictures.

My SIL, Carrie’s fiancé for one. He doesn’t enjoy having his picture taken. I try to oblige that most of the time. His hands show in one of those pictures.

My niece and nephew, Megan and Donnie. They were with their Mom.

Oh…and me. I’m not sure why I’m not in any. Oh…because I was holding the camera. Or cleaning dog mess out of Coop’s hands. Or taking a picture of him crying because he tried to eat a worm and Aunt Jen scooped it out of his mouth before he could. And Aunt Carrie tried to clean his hands.


You know…usual Easter traditions.

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  1. Poor Coop although I must admit I'm sitting here laughing out loud!