Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Day…

I did what I always do…made the kids wait so I take a before picture of them. The anticipation is getting to them. They can see eggs scattered all over. They know what is waiting…


The hung begins…



and ends quickly.

All eggs found and baskets too.

Awhile later…it was meal time.

I invited friends that are like family over for a lunch.

We had…green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, deviled eggs….and turkey.

IMG_2722 IMG_2723

No lie. We did have a turkey meal. Why?

Paul hates ham.

IMG_2719 IMG_2728

The eggs that we had dyed so lovingly.

And of course the ones that we used to share the kids with our big news.

November 19th. Baby.

Their reactions were priceless. And I videoed it.

Later, we headed over to Penny’s house (MIL) for an Easter dinner.

A cookout.

With loads of pictures.

And you guessed it…

Coming up tomorrow (or the next day…depends on what I select for the auto-publish date!)

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  1. Keep the posts coming! I so look forward to seeing the pics and reading about my babies!