Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did you know that my…

sweet baby went from this…

Cooper 1 month old 11202010 059 copy

to this…



And as of Friday, he looks like this:

IMG_3004              IMG_2964

Yep. My sweet baby is 18-months-old.

He is right at 20lbs and is 31 1/4 inches tall. He is still long and skinny. As far as speech, he says Mama, Dada, all the other kids names when he hears us saying them, I love you (seriously melts my heart), hi and bye. And of course, No. For yes, he usually just nods. Not sure why but it is communication at least. He loves to throw the ball. Or anything you give him for that matter. He isn’t a picky eater really. He prefers fruits and veggies over meat though. He is still my most snuggly baby. He lays his fuzzy head on your shoulder when you hold him. He does have a temper starting to emerge. He can throw a fit like no one’s business when he wants to. He is really funny. He is in the mocking stage which means…whatever we do, he does. Faces, noises, etc. He likes to back up to others, toot and then giggle and run.

That is my Cooper. We couldn’t love him more.

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