Monday, February 13, 2012

I’ve been working on the railroad…all the live long day!!!

Well I haven’t technically. But my hubby does!
Because of new regulations, he can’t talk on his cell phone (or have it on) while the train is moving (which is really convenient if you have an emergency and the emergency hotline is slow to get a hold of him to make the train stop so they can call you—sorry for the rant). WHEN the train is stopped in a siding, they can talk on cell phones. Which is what happened on one fine day. Paul’s train wasn’t too far out. He told me that the train he was working would be rolling through shortly and if I wanted to show the kids that would be cool. I agreed. SO I picked Shayne up from her late day at school and we headed to a spot that would be good to see Daddy!
Shayne got my cell phone ready to take a picture.
She got it really ready.
And then…we saw one train.
Not Daddy.
Saw another train…not Daddy.
Third train…THERE’s DADDY!!!!
I got out of the car with Cooper (so he could see of course). He was flapping his arms and yelling, “DA DA.”
Made the kid’s day.
Thanks Daddy for the heads up you were rolling through.
Glad your engineer thought it was funny.
(can you see Paul?)

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