Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day re-cap…

Paul got home at 3:30AM. He gave me a kiss and said, “I’m home. Love you.”

I mumbled back something like, “okay. love you. are you leaving?”

He replied, “No. I just got home.”

Me: “shdhafkfdhahf.”

deep breathing (cause I do not snore!)

A short time later…

I hear my door open. I look at the clock… 5:30AM. Poke my head up to see who it is.

“Mom. I puked.”


“Where Connor?”

“In my room.”

Double crap.

“Okay. Go wait in the bathroom for Mommy.”

I go look in his room. It took me a bit. Two little spots on the carpet. Not bad. We had chili for dinner so I was super worried.

I clean it up and then run downstairs to grab the “puke bowl.” Imagine my surprise when I see this waiting for me on the stove :


I grabbed the puke bowl for Connor and I was smiling.

I gave it to Connor and put him to bed with instructions to “please try to aim for the bowl if you puke again okay bud?”—and I was still smiling.

I headed back to my room and gave Paul (snoring loudly Paul) a quick kiss and said, “I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.” I was still smiling.

He responded with, “love you too.”

I  went back to sleep—still smiling.

I got the girls up (after cleaning the puke bowl for Connor) and headed downstairs.

I wasn’t dreaming. The Valentine’s Day gift from Paul was still there.

How sweet is that?

To some, it’s not a big deal.

BUT…Paul doesn’t do this stuff…hardly ever. So when he does…I love it.

I will post the kids’ Valentine’s day details later. For now? I’m off to bed! It was a crazy day today!

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  1. How many years and he finally figured it out? Good job PD