Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge Week 6

2.5.2012—From Ms. Stormy’s party.


2.6.2012—I love this one. Only one darling isn’t in the picture. He was busy looking at a game magazine.


2.7.2012—I did my eye makeup differently. I wanted to see what it looked like.

So I looked like an idiot at a stoplight taking my own picture. Oh—yes. My eyes really are blue.

I do wear contacts but only to see. (HA!) Not to change color.


2.8.2012—Like my other darlings, the only time she wants her picture is when I am working on another shoot.

IMG_0591 edit

2.9.2012—My nephew, Vinny came over to hang out for just a bit. He is super funny.


2.10.2012—A diaper cake I whipped up for a shower that my sister was throwing for a friend. Turned out very cute. Sage was so confused when I told her it was a diaper cake.


2.11.2012—We used our popcorn maker we got for Christmas finally. Family movie night---

What movie did we watch?

Who you gonna call?



There you go…Week #6 DONE!