Sunday, January 8, 2012


Nope. I’m not talking about Christmas stuff. I had that done the day after Christmas. What am I talking about?


Shayne is hardly ever sick. Seriously. She went two years straight of not missing any days at school. Yep. I’m blessed that she is so healthy.


Yes, but, when she is sick, it is a take down to the ground kind of sick. For her, it started Tuesday evening. She started throwing up that afternoon. That lasted all night long. I didn’t sleep much because I was busy cleaning up the puke bowl for her in between vomit sessions.

No fun right?

She started running a really high fever as well. Of course, I’m just thinking it is a little bug. The same one that took Cooper out right before Christmas.

Her fever broke finally broke in the middle of the night. Yep. I was up checking on her. She was also starting to cough. A painful to the bones kind of dry cough. She didn’t go to school on Thursday. I decided to take her to the Dr. so he could listen to her lungs and make sure everything was okay.


This is us in the room waiting for the Dr. to come in.

Sad right?

He listened and checked her ears. Everything is pointing to viral bug. Great. I hate when they tell me that’s what it is. Especially when I think it’s something else. He tells me if she still has the cough in a week to bring her back in.

Okay. So we go home and just rest. Rest. And guess what else? Yep. Rest.

Shayne gets up and goes to school on Friday. She’s quiet. Still coughing of course. She wants to go because her teacher is leaving to have a baby and it was her last day. Shayne wanted to see her.

I get a call from the nurse around 9:30ish. Shayne is running a fever of 101°. Crap.

I head up to the school. We head home for more resting and medicine. (Ibuprofen to get the fever down)

Shayne sleeps most of the day. The fever goes away again.

What is the deal?

Saturday morning we get up because we have a really busy day ahead. Shayne gets up. I feel her because she is radiating heat. Her fever is 103.8°. That is it. Something is wrong. I know it.

I take her back to the Dr.’s office. I talk to the Dr. She listens to Shayne’s lungs. They sound clear. BUT, she wants to do a WBC (white blood cell) count to see if there is anything going on with that. A higher count means there is an infection being fought.

Shayne’s wbc count was high. There is an infection. Where is it though?

Just in case, the Dr. wants us to head over for an x-ray of Shayne’s lungs.

We do that.

Awhile later, we get the x-ray done. The staff at the hospital tell us the Dr.’s have already spoken and the pediatrician will be calling me.

Huh? Okay.

She calls me.

“Yes, Shayne has double pneumonia. I just called in the antibiotic for her. She will be on the highest dose possible for her. One lung is really bad and the other just has one spot. She looks really good for having double pneumonia.”

What is running through my head?

THANK GOD I took her in.

I say that to the Dr. She tells me that is how pneumonia is diagnosed.

We head straight to the pharmacy and pick up Shayne’s prescription. I give her the first dose right there in the parking lot. Shayne thinks it tastes horrible.

She had the full dosage yesterday and the coughing?

As already reduced a little.

Her fever is gone.

So 10 days of antibiotics for her.

She will be okay to go to school on Monday.

She will be okay for her 10th birthday celebration.

I’m thankful my kid will be back to normal.

I’m thankful I decided to take her in. Momma instincts are very rarely wrong.