Monday, January 9, 2012

From that impromptu shoot…

When I had a last minute postponement of photos and I had set my gear up…I decided why not make the best of it?

Here are a few photos that I got that day…

IMG_8933 editIMG_8933

Oh…that’s the same photo twice. One was edited slightly and one is the SOOC version. (SOOC= STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA)




IMG_8952 edit

Wanna see that picture SOOC? Here it is:


Cooper was home too. This is what he did when trying to get his picture:

IMG_8924 edit

Pitiful right?

One more of Coop that wasn’t edited (Because I just closed Photoshop and am being utterly lazy and don’t want to reopen it to edit this one picture)


There you have it.

A few photos from an impromptu shoot of mine…


  1. Thanks for the beautiful pics! Yes, even the one of Cooper that's pitiful...still made me smile!