Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shayne Emily…

is my oldest child…

CCF01112012_00000 (6)

That is what she look like when she was born. And this…CCF01112012_00005brandnewshaynebabys

Very quickly…she changed…

At 6 weeks she looked like this:



In no particular order here are a few more…


CCF01112012_00000 (2) CCF01112012_00000 (2)


Oh my…I’m starting to tear up a little…

CCF01112012_00001 (2) CCF01112012_00009

129  CCF01112012_00003 (2)

The picture with her holding the bear? The day she turned 2. I’m dripping here…

The one below in the black shirt? The day she turned 5. And the graduation cap? Preschool graduation…

P1110259 P5181100


The one year I got her to do dance…


Shayne is everything I could ever hope to be. It’s odd saying that about my child but it is true…I hope that she did get some things from me. There are lots that I hope she doesn’t.

For example…

I’m glad she got my blue eyes…but there are more beautiful on her. And I’m thankful.

060 (2) P5060962_edited

She got some of her sneakiness and silliness from both her father and I…but it’s so much better when she is giggling…and I am thankful.

 P7020052028 (3)


She got her motherly instincts from…I wouldn’t say it’s all me. Some are just born that way. She was born that way. And I am thankful.

095 bw 117

She is beautiful. She is kind. She is silly. She is happy. She is…

10 years-old-today.

And I am thankful that God blessed me…ME with her. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve such a blessing. I don’t even know that I do deserve such a blessing but…I am thankful.

I can’t believe she is 10.

{I will share more of her birthday photos when I get them off of the camera.}


  1. My Doodles. Hard to believe. How did this happen? She's growing so fast.

  2. It doesn't seem possible that it's been ten years since we stood in the hallway and heard the most bloo-curdling scream come from the room. She is the most precious gift from above and we are all blessed to have her in our lives. Thanks for the pictures...I remember so many of them!!