Saturday, January 7, 2012

A week in photos…

I decided that I would do another photo challenge. I mentioned that before right? Right. How I’m posting those is going to be a little different.

I am going to (at least attempt to) take a daily shot. I’m not going to blog those photos everyday. I’m going to post the pictures in weekly increments. That’s my plan anyways.

So…let’s do this!

The first 7 days into 2012 and how many pictures did I take?


So again…let’s do this!



I ran to a furniture store and took just Shayne with me. She begged for me to let her ride the escalator. When I finally said yes…you should’ve seen her face light up. It totally made the hour long trip worth it!



I almost didn’t post this. The kitchen is a t-total disaster. Paul helped me cook dinner on this particular evening. BREAKFAST…it’s what’s for dinner! And what does that involve? Waffles, bacon, and egg whites (I HATE yolks!) oh---and some strawberries!



I just thought this was funny and wanted to share.



Stormy has re-earned her baby nickname.

“The toothless wonder.”


IMG_8933 edit

I was supposed to have a shoot this particular morning. BUT, it got postponed at the last minute. Since I had all my stuff ready I thought…why not just take a few of a couple of other kids I know? So…I did.



Have you ever flopped on your bed after working out and looked at your dirty ceiling fans and thought, “MAN…someone should really clean those!”

Yeah…me neither.



This is what Paul sucked up out of one of the vents using the vacuum. Why was he doing that? Because Cooper saw the vent cover off and decided to have himself a throwing all the toys that will fit down in there!


So there you have the first 7 days of the year in photos from yours truly.

And let me tell you…it has been a rough 7 days for one of my kids!

That real life story coming to you soon!


  1. I must say I am really looking forward to your future posts! I soooo enjoy them!

  2. Your house amuses me to no end. Never know what I'm going to find where.