Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pre-Halloween Tradition…

Usually the night before Halloween we carve our pumpkins. Yep. The same pumpkins we got from this post.

So here are all 5 darlings…ready for the cutting festivities…


IMG_6735 IMG_6739IMG_6744 IMG_6736

And yes…Cooper was a little involved…and this is what he thought of it:


Did anyone else have the thickest pumpkins ever this year?


Holy smokes. It was crazy trying to cut them!!

After that of course, is the scooping…

IMG_6758 IMG_6771IMG_6774 IMG_6780

You know who did an excellent job of scooping {besides Paul because I didn’t do any scooping this year}?

IMG_6768 IMG_6769

Yep. Connor did.

Cooper was in his high chair at this point. Giving me…

IMG_6787 IMG_6790

the bird while picking his nose!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!

The kids each picked a design out of the generic book.


It was time to carve.


Only…with pumpkins this thick it would have been crazy to try those intricate designs. Everyone came up with what they wanted. Shayne really did carve hers, with a little help. Stormy did one eye by herself, I carved the rest. I also carved one…a special one. I drew the other one and Paul carved it. And Sage told Daddy to do one and a mouth for hers…with teeth.

So…here they are. Our pumpkins, 2011.


These were on our front porch ready for trick-or-treaters for Halloween!

What did your pumpkins look like?

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  1. Great job on the pumpkins! Mine? I didn't have one! (in Bronson, you're likely to get them smashed)