Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So how was your Halloween?

Ours was pretty good. I was in a horrible mood for a bit for something I don’t have control over. Which is silly right? Why should I let someone else ruin my favorite holiday?



So I did a quick turn about and decided to enjoy one of my favorite holiday!

How did I do this?

Went to a few Halloween parties at school.

IMG_6842 IMG_6948IMG_6941 IMG_6954

And of course, got our whole crew ready!

Sage was the most beautiful, cutest, silliest…

IMG_7022 IMG_6974

octopus you ever saw! Seriously…adorable!

Stormy was the prettiest jellyfish…ever!

IMG_6985 IMG_6978

Such a sweet, simple costume.

Shayne was gorgeous {as usual}. She was our…

IMG_6987 IMG_6988


Connor…oh Connor…

IMG_6990 IMG_6992

A very smart scuba diver. He loved his costume. He got tons of compliments on it!

And is this not the cutest…

IMG_7004 IMG_7012

shark you ever saw?!?!? He actually did NOT scream with it on. Which is the opposite of what he did the last time I put it on him. And if you were wondering…yes, this little shark does bite. And yes…he cries when you tell him no to that.


As for the whole crew?



Of course we dressed up.

Hope your Halloween was just a fishtastic as ours!


  1. Love it! And I love that you always do a "family" theme! We try to do the same at our house. Happy [belated] Halloween!