Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

This year was different for our pumpkin patch. We went to a different pumpkin patch.

The drive to it was…interesting. Dusty. Bumpy. Dusty. Oh—did I say that one already? That’s because it was.

When we got there, it was…not what I had expected. Kind of. I did expect pumpkins. AND HOLY MOLY were there pumpkins. And a corn maze. But that’s about it. Besides the dust. We really need rain in the midwest.

So…without further ado…here are some pics of the trip!

IMG_5317 copy

What’s up with the warty pumpkins? Anyone know? There were tons of them!

IMG_5392 copy

AND YES! Paul was home for the annual trip!

IMG_5348 copy

I love the next picture.

IMG_5328 bw color copyIMG_5328 bw copyIMG_5328 copy

And I couldn’t decide which one I like more…so you tell me which one you like!


Last year, Cooper only got to go to the pumpkin patch in utero. Remember?183

IMG_5360 copy

So. This was his FIRST pumpkin patch visit ever…outside the womb! HA!

IMG_5355 copyIMG_5368 copy

And we rode the hayride around the pumpkin patch! Cooper kept trying to get the little girl’s hair that was sitting next to us.

IMG_5459 copy

So what did I think of this pumpkin patch?

It was okay. I like aspects of this one more than the other pumpkin patch we normally go to.  There are tons more pumpkins to choose from.

BUT…I really like the photo opps of the other pumpkin patch more. And there are golf carts. And hayrides. And face painting. And free popcorn.

So I think next year, I will take my kiddos to my favorite pumpkin patch. For the annual trip, I’m game for wherever.


  1. These are really good shots..I love the family picture and I guess I would have to say I like the last colored one of the kiddos!

  2. Coop did not look amused to be sitting on the ground. And that really makes me laugh.