Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shew…I’m exhausted.

It has been the craziest couple of days for me. Crazier than normal crazy.

So what all have I been doing?

Cleaning up  lots of artwork that the kids have been making. I actually love the stack of creations they made over fall break. Makes me smile. I will show you some of the masterpieces this week.



No. Not a gun.

My camera!

I had a wedding shoot on Saturday {SUPER CONGRATS to Gloria & David}.

Neighbors fish fry Saturday night.

Birthday parties today {same place. 3 different kids}

Annual pumpkin patch visit with the  in-laws.

Shoot this afternoon.

Dinner out.

I am plain ol’ whooped.


I am not going to be doing the “traditions” with family birthday’s any longer Sad smile I will still do my kids of course…{there’s a huge one this week!} But for now that is plenty. So for my family that does read this, please know I do think of you on your birthdays…even if I don’t blog it!


  1. I'm pooped just reading about how busy you've been!

  2. Sad there's no more birthday shout outs. You have been busy. I'm here to help when I can Sissy. Just let me know.