Friday, August 19, 2011


To say I’m behind again would be no surprise right?

That is why I have been sorta mia on the ol’ blog. I do try to tweet every so often. Usually when I’m tweeting it’s because I have come to a stop in the car and it will be a minute or two before we get moving again. Like, when I’m at Sonic getting the very necessary Dr. Pepper. Or when I’m in line to get the kids from school.

So anyways…back to the blog.

The weekly shots of Cooper that started back when he was, well, a week old. He is now waaaayyyyy past that. Obviously. How far exactly?

So glad you asked.

38 weeks old39 weeks old40 weeks old41 weeks old42 weel old

Yep. He’s a whopping 43 weeks old. As of the other day anyways. There are lots of changes going on for the darling boy.

More to come on that!

Do you remember when I started those weekly pictures?

If not…here’s a reminder:

1 week old

I need a kleenex.

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