Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great. Now it’s only 2 months until…

The big 12.

Today is the 20th. Which means Cooper is 10 months old.

He has 4 teeth. Weighs about 16 pounds {I think}. Wears size 2 diapers…although we are going to bump up to 3s the next diaper purchase. He wears 6-9 clothes. Except his shorts. They are 3-6 months. He is still a horrible night sleeper. We are working on this one though. I still nurse him early in the AM or really late at night. He takes his formula swimmingly now. He scootches everywhere! He is really fast. He is starting to try to pull up on things, only as far as his arms though. He waves Hi and bye. He cries for Mama when he is sad. He is…perfect.



IMG_2875 edit 2

IMG_2921 IMG_2907 edit 2


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