Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A quick post… with no pics…yet.

I took my big girls to school today.

Connor has some weird bug right now.

Cooper is doing great with his bottles now. Except he won’t eat more than 4 oz at a time.

After I took the girls to school, I came home. Sage had gone to her room because of a fit. I went to check on her. She had climbed in her bed and  went back to sleep. Connor was asleep in his room still. Paul was holding Cooper. I mentioned how nice it was outside. Paul said, “If you wanna go for a walk, go. I’ll stay here.” So…I put on my shoes and took off.

I walked for a glorious 45-minutes. It was so nice. Wanna know what I saw?

Birds. A dead turtle. A pop can. A pile of doggie “stuff”. A broken fence. A foreclosed home. A crazy 30-something-year-old-woman singing like a rock star…until she remembered that she could still be heard by people with open windows…and she had to tell herself to not dance while walking because people driving by would think that was weird.


My feet hurt from my walk. So do my jiggly legs.

Oh—what songs were being sung by the crazy lady?

Tonight, Tonight. Sounds like Life to Me. Walking on Sunshine. Baby.

And a few more.


The crazy 30-something-year-old-woman that sings like a rockstar.