Monday, July 25, 2011


So I mentioned a little something about a box.

Yep…this one:


This box carried merchandise to my Mom. Special stuff.

But minor in detail compared to some other cargo it held.


What am I talking about?


Can you see what the special cargo is?



Doesn’t get any more precious than that people.

I didn’t bring Cooper’s pack-n-play with me when I traveled recently. I was just going to have him snuggle beside me. And then…my mom pulled this box out. Shayne pushed Coop around the house in it while he giggled. And then I had a thought.

Why don’t I see if he will sleep in it?

He did.

So when I went to my big sister’s house, I brought the box with me. And yep…Coop napped and slept in the box for both of those nights.


Motherhood brings out the most creative ideas. I have an idea that I want to pass along to diaper companies.

Have you ever come up with last minute solutions to make something easier/better for your kids?

One more of mine?

The school always wants you to label your kids backpacks. I don’t. Because I want to be able to give them to someone else after my kids are done with them. My solution? I make key chains and attach them to the zippers of the backpacks. Picture key chains actually. It’s simple and my kids like it too. And at the end of the school year…I take the key chains off and voila…backpack is ready for another child—and it doesn’t have my kids name graffiti on it!


  1. That's a really great idea for the backpacks, Debbie. I struggle with that too with wanting to pass down backpacks and other stuff. I will have to do that this year. Thanks!

  2. You put my nephew in a box?! Very creative.