Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some randoms about…


1.) I could watch videos of my babies all day, every day and be a happy woman.

2.) I just did the item listed above yesterday. I cried when I watched the big girls as babies.

3.) I watched the video of when I was in labor with Shayne. I didn’t realize how mean I was until then. Yikes. And no…it wasn’t her being born. Our camcorder displayed “clean heads” and then wouldn’t work for her birth. (no below the waist shots…if you were wondering)

4.) I have a few movies that I adore. That is going to be a list I make someday soon.

5.) I love to bake. I just hate the clean up process.

6.) After watching my older babies videos…I want one more even more.

7.)No. I am not joking.

8.) I am going to try to figure out a way to show some of the videos on my blog. Even if it means recording them while they play on the tv with my little camera.

9.) I just had to stop typing because Sage came running and hid under my desk. She was followed by Stormy crying that she had bit her.

10.) Stormy has a huge bite mark on her back. I bit Sage back. She says she will no longer bite.

11.) I am crazy tired tonight.

12.) Cooper is saying Dada like crazy right now.

13.) Paul is at work.

14.) I am going to leave the dinner mess in the sink tonight. Unless I change my mind. Don’t hold your breath though.

That is all.