Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some promised stats and photos

I said I would share the stats from the dr. appointment with you. Are you curious how big my boys are?

This guy:


weighs 36.5 pounds. Yep. He’s skinny. He is in the 3% for this.

How tall is he?


He is 42 inches tall. He’s in the 5% for that.


Most importantly?

He’s healthy.

They {the nurses} wanted him to “go” in a cup.

He was trying to bargain with me. He told me he would go but he didn’t want a shot.

Why would he say that?

His sisters, being the lovely girls they can be sometimes, told him he was going to get 15 shots before we walked into the building. He was on the lookout for any needles from the second we were in the waiting room.

He was more than a little happy he didn’t have to get any shots. And yes, I did get him to “go” in a cup.

Connor didn’t want Cooper to get any shots.

It was Cooper’s 9-month check-up. He didn’t get any shots. He did get his finger pricked though.

IMG_0997 bw

So how little is this darling?

14lb 11oz and 28 1/8” long. His height is great. He is in the 50% on that. His weight…not so great. Less than the 3%. And he’s still dropping off the curve. Which means what?

He isn’t gaining like he should. He’s not taking in enough calories I guess. So…we are going to go to formula. I still nurse him at night and early morning. And I am mixing his bottles with breast milk and formula. I was planning on weaning him soon. So I guess the timing is okay. But at the same time, it stinks, feeling like a bad mom because your kid isn’t gaining weight. He doesn’t cry from being hungry all the time. He cries, I feed him, he’s content, he still has wet and dirty diapers. Not sure what else I can do. Oh—and his iron is low {the results of that finger prick} and he has to have some nasty vitamin every day. So I will take him back in for a weight check in 6 weeks.


  1. Lordy....they are so darn handsome! Here's to Cooper gaining some weight!

  2. Dont feel like a bad mom but feed those little boys up! My boy weighed the same as cooper at 4 months!! Just up the amount of bottles you give him and you could always use a high calorie formula to give him some chubby cheeks!

  3. Awesome pics sissy! He'll be fat and sassy in no time :)