Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have mentioned that here a few times. It means straight out of camera.

I do edit a lot of my pictures that I post on my blog. But I also leave a lot just SOOC. While I adore photography and all that, there are some things I just would rather leave alone when I post on my blog.

I do use my small camera {used to be called my crappy camera…I decided to stop calling it that} a lot. I use my “good” camera a lot too. It just depends on what I have really handy.

For example:

This was taken with the small camera:



Pretty good still. It’s a real moment in my life. He was eating puffs for the first time.

This picture was with the good camera:IMG_1193 edit

And was edited. What did I do to it?

Well, here is the SOOC version:


What did I do it,you ask?

I took out the black line where my plexi was. I darkened the darks and brightened the highlights. The eyes? I didn’t change the color at all. I sharpened them a little. I think. Hmmm…Maybe not. I think the action I ran did that.

So…there you have it. I like showing the real picture sometime and the edited version. Just so you know what it really looks like.

IMG_1193     IMG_1193 edit


  1. Isn't is nice to have such beautiful children that you don't have to "edit" them?

  2. Big baby blues makes my heart smile.