Thursday, June 9, 2011

Formula is not for Coop…

So, I have decided to try to give Cooper some formula. I seriously worry about how much milk he gets from me. So I thought, maybe I should give him formula for a couple of bottles thru the day and just nurse him at night and in the morning.

I finally bought some formula. I prepared one 4-oz bottle. I got Coop all ready…


And he sucked twice and then gagged.

Hmmm….that could’ve gone better.

We’ll try again later. Maybe he is getting enough from me. It’s not like he’s crying from hunger. He just isn’t gaining weight like he should be.

No one tells you that is the thing with breastfeeding. You really have no accurate-to-the-ounce-measurement of what they are getting. Unless you strictly pump and then feed. Which I don’t.

So now what?

I will continue to try to convince him for one bottle a day of formula. If he doesn’t like it…that’s okay too. I will continue to drink my water like a maniac and increase my supply for him.


  1. Poor baby...he's probably wondering what you're trying to do to him!

  2. I am a Certified Breastfeeding Educator if you ever want my advice on anything breastfeeding related. Just message or call me.

  3. He takes his bottles from his Aunt B!