Friday, June 10, 2011

How do you make lemonade?

Around here we say around here. And then we tell you what we did.

First we got our cute new rubbery ice tray washed.


Then we pulled out the lemonade mix.


Then we added a Stormy to the mix.


Finally we added water and the mix and the Stormy together.


With that cup of lemonade, we poured it into the ice cube tray. When the tray was frozen, we made a pitcher of lemonade. Added the lemonade ice cubes and the lemonade liquid and voila…

That’s how we make lemonade!

It’s very lemonadey.

Trust me.

Please feel free to make your own using our recipe. Except…you can’t buy or find the Stormy anywhere else.


  1. Our Stormy is definately "one of a kind" and we wouldn't want to change anything about her that makes her so special to each of us!!