Thursday, June 9, 2011

The longest random post ever.

I finally got some sleep.

Today I got up late. It was heavenly. Came down stairs and fed the kids that were up. Then had to decide which mess of a room to tackle first. The kitchen…emptied the dishwasher. Took the recycling out to the big container. Re-loaded dishwasher. Handwashed a few things that needed to be washed {I don’t have many things that are not dishwasher safe…because I don’t have time to handwash everything!} Went through some stuff on the counter. Washed the blackberries the kids and I will be snacking on today.

I also changed a diaper, nursed and played with an adorable 7-month-old. I also went over shapes with the most ornery 2-year-old. And, rubbed and tickled her back because she backed up to me and said, “tickle my back pwease.”

Then I started laundry. And put Sage’s laundry away. And I cleaned the floors because Connor got mad at Sage and tried hitting her with her cup but the lid wasn’t on and juice spilled all over. Then I had to deal with him throwing a fit. And I made him clean his room.

Then I picked up the living room. Which still needs vacuuming. Switched laundry. Picked up a few odds and ends. Got lunch ready. It consisted of…chicken nuggets, strawberries and blackberries. No veggies because…I just didn’t feel like it. Unless ketchup is counted as a veggie. I’m declaring it so.

Fed Cooper his lunch. Spinach turkey and pear raspberry. Yuck. He didn’t mind it. Then I sat him in the boppy and played with him while working on his sitting up skills. He can sit up. But he prefers not to. Lazy sweet baby.

Got Sage down for nap. Connor is his room for quiet time. Stormy is picking up the mess she made in her room so she can play on the laptop during quiet time.

Shayne is hauling booty trying to get her stuff done so she can go to Lexi’s.

Many hours later…

Shayne did go to Lexi’s. We went to my nephew’s ballgame. Because living at the ball park for our games isn’t enough I guess. HA!

But I mentioned some pictures in the last post right?

How about just a few…

I love that my big girls are such good friends. They are the kind of friends that beat the tar out of each other and then make-up within a few minutes. You know what I’m talking about right?


Stormy has a six-pack. There isn’t an ounce of fat on her tummy I swear. Lucky little devil.


Connor is just now not afraid to go under water for .08 seconds.


This one knew the water was cold.


Only one of my darlings has pants this color. They belonged to Shayne when she was little. They have been passed down two more times since.

You guessed it.

Sage had Momma’s little camera. Again.


So…there are a few pictures. Tomorrow I will show you what happened when I tried to give Cooper formula for the first time in his life.

It ain’t pretty.


  1. really must have gotten that much needed rest! Give them all a kiss for me!