Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily stuff…

What do we have going on daily now that it is summer?

Outside play. Inside play. Cleaning. Learning. Sleeping in.

A lot of those are my favorites. I really, really like the sleeping in part. I’m grateful my kids like that one also.

So the outside play looks like this:

068024050053 056

We also are going to venture to the pool {our subdivision pool} soon. The kids are positive the water will be warm. Uh-uh. yeah. That should be interesting.

We also are still in ball season. Due to storms we haven’t had every game so the make-up games will last until winter at this point.

The daily learning?

I am going to try to have a little “school” time with the kids every day. So far so good.

Inside play consists of dolls, tractors, Transformers, Barbies, school {the kids love to play school}, computer and Wii on the occasion I am feeling generous.

Cleaning…oh the cleaning. The kids don’t particularly enjoy this part of our day. BUT before we play, things have to be a little in order. And they have to help. Sage too. The ones that lolly-gag about this the most? Stormy and Connor.

So…now it’s off to my daily grind!