Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend…

was a busy weekend.

But let’s just dish on the actual holiday. The 30th.

We had a BBQ. It was to celebrate all the May birthdays on Paul’s side. That includes, Paul, his mom, Penny, and me. It was also because it was Memorial Day.

Shayne did this for me for the camera…multiple times:


Lots of loved ones gathering and talking…


Paul’s Mom and her 3 kids.


This is Paul’s Dad and step-mom.


Aunt Bonnie giving little piggies a kiss! She didn’t want her picture taken. The gesture she tossed at me was not rated G so I won’t post that picture. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my neighbor and her older daughter holding Coop. He is giving my neighbor a serious case of fever.


In the previous picture you see a red-head in the background. She wanted to hold Coop too. That is my neighbor’s second daughter.


Sage was…smashing her face against the umbrella part of the stroller because…I don’t know but it was funny.


This is my niece Ashlyn. One of the best kids I know. Seriously.


And even though I look like a two-ton tubby, a picture of me and Coop. We were talking. I was telling him how much I love him and he was telling me to stop squishing his face with kisses.


My sister had my camera and got a very lucky shot that is hard to get. And I do mean lucky because she has no idea what settings are what on my camera! Winking smile


Here are the neighbors from the earlier pics…


And a last shot of Paul.


Because I love him.

He spent his birthday money on me. On a UV filter for my lens. Because he loves me.

Sweet huh?

He also went to work on my birthday leaving me to cook and take care of all of our children like it wasn’t a thing at all.

And I didn’t cook.

I ate out for lunch and dinner.

My kids thought we were on vacation.

Funny right?


  1. Reminds me of the "block" party we used to have in SD! Wonderful stories and pics!!

  2. Thanks for the invite. It was a much needed stress relief!