Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you remember…

when I said I was going to finish up posts that I always said… “can’t wait to show you.” Or “Coming up soon.” ?

Well in this post I said I was busy crafting. What did I make? For starters, these:

IMG_0435 IMG_0436

What are the S’s for? I am going to glue ribbon on them and they are going to be hair clippie holders. So here is the mental image of what it will look like completed:

The S is hanging on the wall with ribbon hanging off the bottom of it. On the ribbon are the hair flower clippies, nice and neat so you can see them and choose the appropriate flower clippie for the day!

The other picture of the star was to replace the one that Shayne had in the duck bathroom that was broken. Yes. Duck bathroom. The kids’ bathroom upstairs is painted yellow. There are pictures of each kid with a rubber duckie in the photo. One kid it doesn’t show her face. Just her feet holding the duck between them. It wouldn’t be special to very many people…just her momma because it is a gentle reminder that she was my darling that held everything with her feet. Her bottles. Her cups. Her Lambies. Yep. Now you know which kid it was if you have read my blog for very long (the old blog has more of the stories involving which kid had a lambie).


This post I said I would talk more about the purse. I don’t have all the images anymore to finish the photo story about it so how about just a written story?

I was at home with a birthday party for Stormy. Paul took Connor to a convention center because I wanted him to. I asked him to send me photo text messages with different purses I might like. The only info he had to go on was that I like medium/large purses and I wanted it to be bright/springy like. You would no believe some of the images he sent me. The first one was a huge neon yellow/green purse. Then he said (because we were talking at this point after kinda selecting a different purse from the images he was sending me), “Wait. they have more over here. Okay. Here’s another one. Which fricken purse do you want?”

I selected the last fricken purse he sent me a picture of.

It was really sweet that he got it for me. He only looked a little silly carrying my new purse around the rest of the convention sale he was at.

So…I think that’s it as far as me saying I’m going to tell you later and never have stories. Except for the sex talk I had with Shayne. That will be in a post all by it’s lonesome because…it needs to be. Trust me.

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