Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hoarding. It’s not for me.

Although if you came to my home right now you would question it. I literally have stuff everywhere. The kitchen counter. The living room. The dining room/office. The girls bedrooms. The boys bedrooms. My bedroom. The basement. Oh wait…my water closet upstairs is semi-clean. Except for the stacked up toilet paper my lovely daughter put together for me.

So what is all the junk everywhere about?

I am doing a major overhaul of the stuff in our home. We have a lot of people. Which means we have a lot of stuff. Some is stuff we need. Some is stuff we used to need. And some is just…stuff.

The city we live in has an annual garage sale the first weekend of May. Which is in 6 days. WAHOO!!! Oh—wait. That’s where my totally cluttered, driving me up the wall, mess of a home comes in. I have been going thru stuff. Tubs and tubs and tubs of stuff. I have some baby stuff I am going to part with. I don’t want to get rid of all of it because…I want one more. {pause for dramatic effect.}

{Is she serious?}

{Is this a joke Debbie?}

Guess you’ll have to wait on a different post because this is about my mess of a house.

We went thru Paul’s collections. His hats. Which he is parting ways with. Most of them anyways. I wanted him to keep a few that he has worn for the kids. There is something very special about getting things your Dad used to wear. I have my Dad’s dog-tags. They are the only thing I have that he wore. And since he died in 1981…there isn’t anything else that I have of his. So…I wouldn’t let Paul part with every last one. He kept out a few. His other collection? CATERPILLAR stuff. And if you just had a mental image of a creepy crawly you are definitely city folk. HA! CAT stuff is tractor stuff. Which Paul used to collect anything CATERPILLAR. Race-cars. Little toys. Connor has been eyeing these tubs of Paul’s collectibles since he knew they existed. He begged and begged for us to not get rid of them. “Pweeeeasssseee. I keep them?” “Pweeeaaassseee. I move all my toys out of my room for them.” How’s a Mom to refuse that? I didn’t. When Paul saw me sitting on the floor opening his toy collection of years gone by paused and then…

“Not that one. Don’t open it. It’s a collectors item. Or that one. My Dad got me that one. Or…anything that says collectors on it.”

What a sucker. I knew he couldn’t part with all of it.

We won’t get into how much of my Dopey collection we are getting rid of {NONE}.

So that is the majority of the mess in my house. It’s stuff we are parting ways with this weekend. If it doesn’t sell in the sale {say that fast five times}, it is going to Goodwill. Or the Vet pick-up.

The other mess in my house is caused by a room switch.


I can’t get into that tonight.

As soon as I am not too embarrassed of the rest of the stuff in my home I will show you.


  1. You do have a lot of stuff, true. But with 5 kids you are supposed to! So glad to read that you aren't getting rid of the Dopey Stuff!!! After all, everybody contributed to your fettish!!