Wednesday, April 13, 2011

always a week behind…

On updating my blog with my photo challenge photos.

Better late than never I say!

4.5.2011—Oh man this little girl.IMAG0558

4.6.2011—My little brother holding my sweet little Cooper.


4.7.2011—we were on our way to my Grandmother’s funeral. I took a picture to try to show my twin where I was because we were texting like crazy on the way down.


4.8.2011—My sweet tee-ball playing boy. That missed a few times. I think the coach was getting frustrated with him. We are working with him. It’s just going to take practice. And tons of patience.IMAG0573

4.9.2011—have you been missing that sweet face? I’m lucky I get to see it every day!


4.10.2011—This girl loves her some pop. Which I haven’t been giving her lately. When she sees one left unattended…it’s hers.


4.11.2011—I decorated for Easter this year. I haven’t felt like it for two years. This year…I did. This is hanging on my door.


4.12.2011—This made a huge mess. And didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.


4.13.2011—I have been a crafting fool today. Can’t wait to show you some of what I have done!


Now that I’m caught up with this, I better go do the laundry. And empty the dishwasher. And…you know…all my other stuff! I will be back soon though!


  1. Aww, how cute! Thanks for sharing your babies with us.

  2. You are lucky...You got cute babies...nice photos