Monday, April 18, 2011

A quickie…

Wowza. Have I been busy?!?!? Like crazy busy. And I love it.

Thursday was picture day at school.  And Shayne’s musical and Connor was supposed to have practice. But he couldn’t go because it was during Shayne’s musical. Friday was spent running around running errands. Saturday was fun too. Why?

I got shoot a wedding for a cousin (my first cousin). Wanna see a sneak peak at it?


Oh—wait. That’s my Aunt Charlene. She asked my Uncle John to go down to their car to get her phone just so she could take a picture of her holding Cooper so she could torment my mother with the fact that she got to see and hold him today send it to my mom.

Ah---yes. I did take Cooper to a wedding photo shoot. I also had the handy dandy Dad there to hold Cooper in between feedings. Lovely isn’t it? Where were my other darlings? With the handy dandy Aunt Bonnie. Thank God. It was a lovely working shoot for me after all.

I will share some of the wedding photos in a bit. Promise.

Sunday morning we had a dear friend’s little boy’s 4th birthday party! The kids had a blast. I didn’t take any pictures though Sad smile

Yesterday I also got to do a senior photo session. OMG—I LOVE the senior sessions! SO MUCH FUN! The weather was perfect! And a sneak peek at that?

Sami Rash 008 with logo

Isn’t she beautiful?

Made my job so pleasant!

Today the kids {the big 3} have dentist appointments. Shayne has practice tonight. And I want to eat at my favorite restaurant.

So—I’m off to finish editing. I have tons to share though. So in between edits you may see me pop in here. Or on my twitter….hmmmm….choices, choices…

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  1. ok, ok, ok, please quit rubbing it in that I was the only one who didn't get to see my baby! Great pictures!