Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top questions

Do you have questions that people ask you repeatedly when you go out in public?

I do.

Are you ready to know what they are? And my answers to them, just in case you ever see me in real life, you won’t have to ask them.

1. Are they all yours?

2. Are you done yet?

3. Do you know what’s causing that?

4. What does Paul say?

5. They look alike. Are any twins?

6. Are you two related?

7. How old are you?

8. Are you pregnant again?

9. Do they all have the same father?

10.How do you do it?

And now…my answers:

1. Are they all yours? If you are asking about the 5 little darlings surrounding me and calling me Mom, then yes. They are all mine. I carried each one of them and delivered each of their screaming little bodies into this world.

2. Are you done yet? The jury’s still out on this. I would like to try for one more. Nice even number you know.

3. Do you know what’s causing that? Do you? I learned that in 6th grade education class. And I recently had to explain in minor detail to my oldest child.

4. What does Paul say? You would have to ask him. What he tells me is “yeah. sure.”

5. They look alike. Are any twins? Nope. Stormy and Connor are the closest in age at 17 months apart.

6. Are you two related? This is when my sister, Bonnie and I are out in public together. And yes. We are related. Since the egg split and God blessed {or cursed in some cases} our parents with twins.

7. How old are you? I really do get this question. It is quickly followed with “you don’t look old enough to have 5 kids.” The answer is I am 32. I had Shayne when I was 23—almost 24. And I haven’t stopped having babies since! HA!

8. Are you pregnant again? Oh—this question. It pains me when I get asked this. No. I am not pregnant again…yet. I still have the leftovers from the last 5 babies.

9. Do they all have the same father? I laugh when I get this question because I guess it is a legitimate question in today’s society. Yes. They all have the same Daddy.

10.How do you do it? I think this question usually means how do I handle 5 kids and school for them and all their activities and all the house stuff and Paul being gone all the time. How do I not do it? I have a system that works for me. Everyone has a system. Mine is pretty simple for me. But when I have others babysit for me if I have an outing, they are exhausted when I get back so it’s not simple for everyone what I do. How do you do it? Oh—the other question that some people imply in this is financially, how do we handle this.  I have to confess…that’s no one’s business really. I will say that I don’t buy my kids everything they want. What they need? Yes. And I also nurse my babies for most of their first year of life. That saves a ton of money. I also do photography on the side. It’s a hobby and something I earn a little money doing. Mostly…I just love it.


Okay---that’s it for the question and answers post. Any other questions that I didn’t cover? {I love these posts. I love doing them and reading other peoples so give me shout and let me know what you come up with!}


  1. Good answers and for the record, Paul says "hell yes I know what causes it but I'm so good at it that I don't want to stop"!! I absolutely loved his response!!!

  2. Nicely done, Debbie (as in the responses AND handling the kids AND their wants and needs AND...).

    I should do a similar post about my choice to just have one kid. The nerve of some people, eh? The questions people ask (I would have said "think to ask" but it's quite apparent that most people don't think before speaking...).

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. You could tell everyone to mind their own damn business...I would. and have. and will continue to.